Danielle was born and raised in Beirut Lebanon from an Ameri-
can mother and a Lebanese father.
Growing up in a war torn country awakened her desire to
"rebuild" as well as spread seeds of peace. A graduate of
Architecture school in Paris and Pratt Institute's School of Art
and Design in New York City, she is hired in 1992 as an intern
by the third leading interior design company in the US: MAC II.

In 1993, she returns back to Beirut where she works as a free
lance designer for the next 4
years, commissioned
with residential as well
as commercial
projects. In 1997 she
is offered a position as
a senior architect at
NNA Architects
in NYC.

During the seven years working at
NNA, she discovers the benefits of
the yoga practice and decides to
become a teacher.
In 2002, she completes her Yoga
teacher training at Be Yoga under
the tutorship of Alan Finger. In
2005 she moves back to
Beirut where she has been
successfully teaching yoga
to an increasing number of
people and practicing
architecture as a free
lancer. Danielle spends her time between her two hometowns:
NYC and Beirut.

To this day, Danielle's sole purpose is to continue spreading the
seeds and her deepest aspiration is for every soul on this
planet to discover the wonders of yoga.



Yann is a French Lebanese of Armenian
descent who has been interested in
music, arts and pop culture ever since a
very young age.

At the age of fourteen, he leaves for
Paris to discover two pop cultures that
would forever transform his visual
esthetics: skateboarding and
hip-hop, both of which
integrate distinct graphics.

It was not too long before Yann’s
drawing skills migrated from
paper to walls. In the span of
two years, he becomes an
active graffiti artist roam-
ing the streets and
subways in search of
concrete canvases.

In his early twenties, he enters the presti-
gious Central St Martin's school of art in
London where he gets a BFA in film and
video. His focus on film animation consequently led him to do
an MA degree at Middlesex University with a thesis on Walt
Disney's classic Fantasia, sound and music in animation.

He returns back to Beirut,
Lebanon in 2004 to pursue
illustration and graphic
design. After which he
went to NY Film Academy

to study screenwriting.
He now produces music, writes songs and screenplays.
He's an experienced martial art instructor, notably in Kali
Sikaran and cross trains in a variety of other styles.
Danielle and Yann's designs for Wallistick represent
the culmination as well as the natural integration
of their various passions and pursuits thus far.

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