Step 1: POSITIONING THE DESIGN Place your Wallistick decal against the chosen wall or window.

The vinyl cannot be repositioned once stuck, so take your time and plan your design wisely! Use the tape measure and the level for proper alignment and positioning.

To secure your final location in place, tape a couple of pieces of low tack masking tape to the top, as shown in figure
Step 2: REMOVING THE BACK SHEET To make the vinyl stick, start to peel away the back sheet. Peel a corner edge slowly leaving the vinyl stuck to the transfer paper. If part of the vinyl should stick to the backing sheet, rub the backing sheet at the problem area and continue to peel.
Step 3: STICKING THE VINYL Working from the top, move left to right in a downward motion, use an application tool with a smooth surface and a hard edge, such as a credit card, CD case or even the palm of your hand. Make sure to apply even pressure over the entire surface as you work your way down.


The Wallistick Decal you have selected is comprised of three layers: a Vinyl Design sandwiched between a Back Sheet and a clear Transfer Sheet. You might need the following tools to better assist you in the installation process: scissors, masking tape, a level and a tape measure.

Choose a suitable location for the graphic(s). The vinyl decals look and adhere best to a wall with little or no texture, make sure the surface is clean and dry.
Step 4 / 5: REMOVING THE TRANSFER SHEET  Fig Once you've peeled off the whole backing sheet and the vinyl is stuck to the wall, remove the masking tape and start peeling the transfer sheet slowly from the top, at a 180° angle, (think of it as rolling the transfer sheet over onto itself).
Fig Make sure the vinyl is stuck to the wall and does not come off as you are removing the transfer sheet. If this happens, don’t panic! Stop peeling the transfer sheet, replace it back on the wall, smooth over the problem area, and continue to peel. Once done, stand back and admire your craftiness!

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